Club Membership

  • Interested in perhaps becoming a Club Member? Contact us

There will be no pressure to undress.   The only time you would have to do that is if you couldn’t resist our sparkling pool on a warm day.  That is the one place where all adults must be nude at all times.

( Unlike other Clubs we allow children 17yrs and under to wear togs)

Please feel free to bring your children with you on your visit if you wish.

Someone will meet you on the day and show you around our facilities and then  you will be free to enjoy the rest of the day as you wish, having a good look around, talking to members, enjoying the many outdoor or indoor activities available or simply relaxing in a quiet spot on our spacious camp grounds.

The choice is yours!


Benefits of Membership.

  • The Club grounds are open to members 365 days of the year.
  • Members are eligible to rent a permanent campsite.
  • Members can stay overnight on their own campsite without paying overnight fees. ( Not on a long term basis unless granted the privilege of semi permanent residency)
  • Members may leave their caravan, campervan, tent permanently on their own site.  
  • Members are eligible to erect an approved storage shed on their own site. (No need to cart things back and forth each time you visit).
  • After full membership is granted ( initial membership is probationary for a year) members become eligible to build an approved bach on their own site or to buy an existing bach from another member.